King of Hearts

Why do we think, so often,

That we can read people’s hearts

From who they seem to be?

A typical ‘lad’

With bravado and swagger,

Acts like God’s gift to the laydeez of the town,

Downs shots in the club till oblivion claims him


To cover his broken heart

to escape the pain of not being

who she wanted him to be

and to run away

from himself

whereas she,

yes, the one ‘dressed like a hooker’

she’s looking for love, you know

though it might not look like it.

She rifles through men like dresses in a closet

and not one of them fits

not one of them flatters or is kind

and so her little-girl fantasies die

one painful dream-death after another.

And he,

That lonely tramp sitting on the park bench

muttering to himself,

no-one knows what he’s been through,

why he’s clutching a broken dead rose

as though it is a lifeline.

Everyone avoids him, with mingled pity and scorn

truth be told

so do I

because, it is true,

I make these kinds of judgements about people

In fact,

the most judgemental person I know

is me, myself, and I.

So it is as much to myself as to you I speak

when I say

we have no right

to judge them.

Judgement, you might think,

is an outworn word,

not a 21st century phrase

we don’t ‘judge’, we ‘tolerate’.

Do we?

then why do people like me

still think and speak

poisonous words?

Is’t not true that

our opinions are formed merely on what we see,

and we do not understand the deepest levels

even of our friends?

Only One in this universe

knows the depths of a person’s heart,

only One

can see to the very centre of things

and we are blind, deaf and dumb

where He picks up on

the tiniest butterfly-wing stirring

within each soul.

I know

because He sees my shame

my worst thoughts, and my

most evil deeds

Believe you me, there is a lot of that to be seen…

And yet

He loves me so crazily

that He’d die for me.

There is no greater, wider, deeper, higher love

than that of Him who dies for His enemies

to make them His friends.

King of hearts, so humble me

to know that I am no heart-reader,

I cannot even begin to try.

King of hearts, bring me to my knees

in awe of Your love

so beautiful and free

and break my judgemental heart in two

so that broken, this vessel,

might receive

So much more of You.


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