O gem of all surpassing worth

O gem of all-surpassing worth,
O Lord of all my heart,
Forgive me for not giving You
What I should have since the start.

I owe You everything,
You are my All in All
You guide me gently on my path
And catch me when I fall.

How then could I turn from You
To chase foolish vanities?
Why does my love so wax and wane
Like a ship tossed on the seas?

Why do I doubt You, Saviour God?
And give ear to the devil’s lies?
Why does my fretful selfish heart
Turn from You in reckless pride?

Yet, Your mercy’s ever-flowing,
Your arms are open wide,
I know I’m cleansed by the blood that streamed
From the cross on which You died.

I cannot comprehend such love
For such a wicked one as I,
Why for me should the Holy One,
The King of Heaven, die?

O Jesus, Precious Risen Lord,
Great Saviour, Loving King,
Teach me to love You more each day,
And through all, Your praises sing.

Discipline my fickle heart,
Bring me back to You.
Teach me to hunger for the day
When all will be made new.

And I will see Your glorious face
Shining brighter than the sun
What joy then to worship, for all time,
The Lord Jesus, the Holy One.